Welcome to Go Kapolei


It’s hard to suppress the smiles as we watch our “Stonehenge” collection of 15 rail pillars grow into the hundreds, as we dream about commuting above the gridlocked hordes. While that would be a relief, what if we didn’t have to commute at all? That may be closer to a reality then you realize.

Just four years ago, the percentage of us working and living in Kapolei was just under 36 percent according to City and County of Honolulu Department of Planning & Permitting, but with the openings of the Kapolei Judiciary Complex, Kapolei Commons and Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa, the percentage of jobs to population here jumped to 50 percent.

Projecting it forward with the growth of UH West Oahu, the construction of the Kapolei Harborside and Ka Makana Ali‘i regional mall and the City puts the percentages at 63 percent in 2035.

Couple this with the most recent U.S. census that puts the median age of Kapolei at six years younger than the rest of O‘ahu and a home-ownership rate of 74 percent compared to Honolulu’s 56 percent, and you can start to see the reasons why Kapolei is posed to surpass the “First City” as the place to raise a family.

Add the projected commercial space that will rival Honolulu’s in the next decade and we may find that our long-awaited train and its promise of an easier commute, may actually be better served bringing the population of Honolulu to us. Now that is something to smile about.

Scenery photo courtesy Pacific Links