What is the custom research paper writing? It’s safe to mention that students have become habitual of handing over their essays to freelance academic writers and writing companies. However, the problem is not that they do not have a firm grip over the English language. Instead, the problem is that they lack sufficient time and have a lot of things to do on a daily basis. If you are a student who is looking to write a custom paper, then you should remember the following points.


Plan your essay

For custom paper writing, you can check a number of custom written research papers to have an idea of how to plan the essay. There is a strong need to be clear about the topic and then create an outline so that when you begin with writing, you do not come across any prominent problem. You should always divide your essay into the introduction, body and conclusion sections and ensure quality from the start until its end.

Use a premium quality plagiarism checker

How to create custom paper for student? It is going to be difficult for you to write a custom paper if the content is not scanned through a plagiarism checker. If you do not want to lose the marks and are looking to leave a good impression on the teacher, then you should always use Turnitin or another premium quality tool to have an idea of whether plagiarism is present in the written material or not. If some incidences of plagiarism are present, you should paraphrase it properly or can skip the sections that look copied or are out of context.

Always proofread and edit

There is a strong need to use Grammarly, a premium quality grammar checking tool. At the same time, you should spare some time to edit and proofread the text manually. Sometimes it happens that Grammarly and other grammar checking tools do not provide efficient results, and this is where you can use your own eyes and senses to fix the grammar, spelling, and vocabulary of the paper.

Insert relevant references

Last but not least, you should insert as many references as are needed by your teacher. You can use some direct quotes too to give your paper a professional and better look. Make sure the number of direct quotes is minimum and that you have inserted proper and relevant references, with the paper number, so that the supervisor can cross-check and verify it properly and can give you good marks once the essay is submitted.